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TV Shows Floor Plans, that Take More Than 30 Hours to Create

TV Shows Floor Plans, that Take More Than 30 Hours to Create

Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde is a 45 years old interior designer from the Basque Country (Spain). He has more than 20 years of experience, but lately, due to circumstances, he is searching for his next adventure. To pass the time he decided to dedicate more time to his hobby: spending hours seeing and researching TV shows to recreate their interior floor plans. Iñaki hand draws his finding, paying close attention to the various details in the show surrounding and scenes. I found his dedication fascinating, so I had to dig in deeper and ask him a few questions about it. You can read about his story and mission below. A few samples of his TV shows floor plans are shown too. If you feel like you need to own one of his creations, and by that, feel a step closer to your favorite TV show, you can find them here. I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

jerry seinfeld apartment floorplan

Why creating the interior sets in hand drawn form? How do you choose which show to draw?

“Four or five years ago (I am very bad with dates) I made the floor plan of “Frasier” as a personal treat. I really liked the series and his apartment, and I wanted to see him… molded. Something that was not repeated until a couple of summers ago, when a friend of mine, a huge fan of “Sex & The City” asked me to draw the apartment of Carrie Bradshaw. So I did it for her… Then she asked me to do the apartment of “Friends”, and then for… And then on and on, until now. I am not an obsessive fan, but simply a viewer who likes everything from the TV… In fact, my tastes are different and my favorite shows are “Northern exposure”, “Six feet under”, “Upstairs / Downstairs”, “Twin Peaks”, etc… I am a little bit old fashioned…

Since I was a kid, I liked to observe floor plans and imagine the spaces and their distributions. I think I have a slight OCD, cause when I start a project I don’t feel myself relaxed until I can fix together all the pieces of that puzzle.

Each project is like a challenge, a game, a jigsaw puzzle (sometimes unsolvable). I like to give the show fans the possibility to enjoy again their favorite shows from a new perspective. I get messages from fans who tell me how much they enjoy these TV shows floor plans, because they can imagine themselves walking through the apartments and houses of their beloved characters. Even people not accustomed to reading plans, can visualize these floor plans cause they are not too technical. This feeds my usually low self-esteem …”

friends apartment floorplans

What’s the process of creating these TV shows floor plans? How long does it take?

“Normally I download the entire series or the movie. I prefer to work on a finished series, so that  I have all available materials on it. In a sitcom, the principal set (normally the living room placed in front of the audience) appears in all the episodes. The problem is usually locating the secondary sets, as the bedrooms and bathrooms. These are normally movable sets, that changes continuously and contradictory with the central sets. This is because they are built in other place of the studio. That is the problem with some multi camera series. In fact, they are like a theatrical sets… In series like “Sex & the City”, filmed as movies (not recorded in front of an audience), the sets are closed and more logical and coherent. Just as real life apartments…

In a few hours (depending of the number of episodes) I can locate all that I need, using the forward button on the player. I revise the episodes several times, and point the ones in which everything that I need appears. Meanwhile, I’m creating a first basic layout that I refine and develop with notes to aid. When I make a composition of a place, I do a second layout (using the notes of the first rough layout) to fit the final dimensions and proportions. I then place furniture, to complete the final shape of the drawing. Finally, I start the third and definitive floor plan, which I make more carefully. To complete the final drawing I revise all my drawings to find timber tones, the colors of the materials, the fabrics and all the details that I need to make an accurate floor plan. In total I need around 30 to 40 hours (or more, In fact, I’ve never counted) to complete one floor plan from zero to the final uploaded result.

I think I spend most of the time locating everything that I need. Time that is multiplied when it’s a long running series with many seasons. Time that doubles, when the sets of the series change throughout the seasons, and/or when they are full of contradictions. This is usually the norm…

It’s easier to fix the proportions, dimensions, furniture, etc… When the drawing is from a movie or a miniseries. Principally, because the length of the series or movie are minor. The problem with a miniseries or a movie is that they are few miniseries or movies that show all the houses or apartments. Normally we can see only a portion of the houses (the living room, kitchen and bedroom). There are only a few movies that shows completely the house or an apartment. The apartment of Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was a good example of a full set.”

house of simpson family

What tools do you use?

“These TV shows floor plans are completely handmade. I don’t use use software for architecture or interior design. I only use Windows paint to add the text. I use cardboards (with high gramage), ink, markers and colored pencils, to make the drawings. It’s a technique that I know how to use, and offers me comfort. For my works, I use watercolors when I make large representations. I currently use 3D software design that allows me to easily change the elements of a real project. But for these floor plans, I was looking for something more artistic and less technical. The aim was to transmit the personality of the houses with the warmth and non perfection of a handmade drawing.”

floorplan of dexter morgan apartment

How can people contact you? Can they buy any of these Hand Drawn Interior Sets?

“I have a store on ETSY (a website where people sell their creations), but it’s closed since Halloween, because I decided to take some time to finish all the pending orders. But I will re-open the store shortly.

On ETSY I sell handmade originals of my drawings (made by order) in different sizes and formats.
Also, I have different social networks under that name “TV Floorplans & More”, on Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

When I make handmade TV shows floor plans (that I do by order and sell in my ETSY store) I only need around 15 to 25 hours to replicate one of the originals. Depending of the complexity and size of the purchased drawing.”

frasier apartment floorplan

Do you have any future planned projects?

“I have a long list of projects and no time to make new designs. But one of my new year’s resolutions is to create regularly new designs in the upcoming weeks and months, and update my catalog. This is my to do list:

In TV:
– The apartment of “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”
– The apartment from “2 Broke Girls”
– The house of Laura Palmer from “Twin Peaks”
– The apartments from “Girls” (HBO)
– The suburban houses from “Roseanne” and “Married with children”
– The bachelor pad of Barney Stinson from “HIMYM”
– The new apartment of Don Drapper from “Mad Men”.
– The house of Tony Soprano form “The Sopranos”
– The vintage house from “Bewitched”
– The house from “The nanny”
– The bar from “Cheers”
– The “Central Perk” from “Friends”.
– The houses from the animated series “Family Guy” and “American Dad”.
– The house of Walter White from “Breaking Bad”.
– The barn of “Little House on the Prairie”
– The apartment of Neil Caffrey from “White Collar”
– The apartment of Miranda from “Miranda” (BBC)
– “The Ponderosa”, the ranch from “Bonanza”
– The penthouse of Alexis from “Dynasty” (a personal favorite).

In Movies:
– The Villa Arpel from “Mon oncle” by Jacques Tati.
– “Bag End”, the hobbit hole from “The Hobbit ” and “The Lord of the Rings” sagas.
– The apartment of “The apartment” (Billy Wilder 1960)
– The house from “Psycho” (Alfred Hitchcock 1960)
– The house from “The party” (Blake Edwards, 1968) One of my favorites!
– Both apartments from Down with love” (Peyton Reed 2003)
– The house from “Home alone” (Chirs Columbus 1990)
– The lovely cottage from “The Holiday” (2006)
– The beach house of Diana Keaton in “Something’s gotta give”.

I’m always looking for new suggestions, specifically for movies. For TV shows, specially longer running sitcoms, the scenario (usually a house or an apartment) becomes familiar and recognizable after a few episodes. This doesn’t happen with movies, so It’s hard to find iconic interiors from movies. Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter’s films, or the house from “Psycho”, are very recognizable buildings, but not their interiors… So… If you have any suggestions… Bring them on.”

lorelai and rory gilmore floorplans

house from up

threes company apartment

golden girls house floorplan

house of lorelai and rory gilmore

If you, like Iñaki fans, are looking to own one of his TV Shows Floor Plans, head over to his Etsy page and help support his mission.


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