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Wireless Bungee Jump – IKEA Promotion Video

Wireless Bungee Jump – IKEA Promotion Video

Bungee jump is one of the scariest things I can think of. It’s not that I have a fear of heights, I really don’t. My fear is completely different. I am afraid from the possibility that the cord that is supposedly attached to me, will wrap around me and choke me, or even worse, will detach, and I will dive, head first to the ground. Not a pretty picture, I know.

So when I first stumbled upon this video, that promised a wireless bungee jump I was stoked. I will finally have the opportunity to do a bungee jump without any fear from the cord. I gazed at the screen as the video explained the theory of how the magnetic field is making it possible, and i saw the guy jump from the bridge, and hang in mid air. At this point I figured something was off. It didn’t take me more than 30 seconds to realize that I won’t be bungee jumping any time soon 🙁

Although my jumping dreams just shattered, I have to say that i really enjoyed that brilliantly conceived promotional video from IKEA. It had a good story that captured my attention, and in retrospect, wireless charging is all about the magnetic field, which is a main theme covered throughout the video. I liked it, hope you will too. Check it out below.

















  1. Wayne Ollick

    When I first saw this I thought it might be a hoax or done by some amateurs, especially the videography. Then I saw that it was done by Ikea, which lends credence to the authenticity of the event. However, it is baffling as to why the video was so fragmented without a complete shot of the jump from top to bottom and the bounce(s)as one continuous take. As it was done, it was very disappointing and could easily be considered a fake.

    • pixelmaster

      well, you are right. it is a fake. it is a commercial, after all, to their wireless charging furniture 🙂 although, i would consider doing the jump, if it was real.

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